Whitening Solution Mask (5EA)


– To brighten up your face
– It is a mask pack for whitening which also moisturizing the skin so change the darkish and dry skin to clear and limpid way
Secret Key
– Contains 50,000 PPM of human fat lipid cell culture extract
Strengthen the skin barrier with growth factor EGF and BEGF
– Niacinamide
Niacin which raise the brightening effectiveness and the essence which combined with botanical extract take care of the skin
Try the mask when
– You want to get the bright skin just like celebrity
– You want to make your face whiter
– You wonder about darkish face tone
12 Noxious substances
– Paraben
– Formaldehyde
– Artificial fragrance
– Artificial pigment
– Mineral oil
– Dioxin
– Benzophenon
– Fralate
– Oxybenzon
– Trichloric acid
Different from the sheet
– Use eco-friendly cupule sheets made of cotton seed wool for easy use with sensitive skin
– Fine and fine tissue, closely adhering to curved faces. Supply 10 times more moisture and nutrients in a short time
– Great ventilation reduces the tension and weight on the skin
How to Use
– Clean the skin and put the toner. Hold the mask evenly across the face
– Wait 10 to 20 minutes
– After removing the mask, tap remaining contents to absorb
– Double Effect Usage
  • Better to use for night care
  • Care the body with the rest of the essence
  • Sufficiently tap and absorb skin in cream and essence form


– Niacin
Skin lightening capabilities are certified! Suppress the pigment composure and strengthening the skin barrier to increase skin lifting by increasing the brightening effect
– Betaine
Excellent conditioning capability to penetrate skin. Skin moisture balance control prevents dryness. Excellent on problematic skin
– Bergamot
Excellent skin elasticity and sedation to help with uniform skin tone. Effective for minimizing pigmentation or small scar marks
– Copaiba balsam
Keep skin clean and clean while reducing blemish on the affected skin. Non-toxic and non-pure materials that are effective on sensitive skin
– Orange peel oil
Helps prevent skin irritation by inhibiting the activity of harmful substances. Has good skin conditioning effect

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